An interesting hypothetical that will never happen (or will it)?

No matter what happens from here on out, the Big East is guaranteed to send the worst team to the BCS since the BCS’s inception. The previous worst team? Pitt in 2004. Now, let’s look at a hypothetical scenario as to who will be going to BCS bowls:

Big East champion?

National Championship
Oregon vs. Boise State

Auburn vs. Ohio State

Virginia Tech vs. Oklahoma

Stanford vs. Michigan State

Nebraska vs. Pitt

In this scenario, TCU gets left out. In most scenarios, I think, TCU gets left out. For TCU, it appears to be national championship game or Maaco Bowl. Why? First, because the BCS bowls are only required to take one team out of a non-automatic qualifying conference. Since Boise State will probably finish the season ahead of TCU, the bowls aren’t required to take TCU. Second, because of several factors (conference affiliations, geographical) the BCS bowl most likely to take TCU would ordinarily be the Fiesta Bowl.

The Fiesta Bowl, this season, will basically be locked into taking the Big 12 champion vs. the Big East champion. Why is that? Because the Big 12 champion either goes to the national championship game or to the Fiesta Bowl. Since there aren’t any Big 12 teams in the national championship hunt, they’re going to the Fiesta Bowl. In addition, the Big 12 will get the last pick of all at-large teams since the national championship game is in Glendale. The last pick will definitely be the Big East champion. I’m not trying to be a dick, it’s just the way it is.

Now, I finally get to the point. What if Big East commish John Marinatto side-steps the public relations disaster of having the Big East champion get F’d up in a bowl game by giving the Big East’s BCS spot to . . . TCU! Of course, this would also coincide with a deal being struck between the Big East and TCU for TCU’s membership. Maybe it even gives the Big East the bargaining chip of getting TCU in for football only. It certainly gives the Big East good publicity for the first time all year. If so, then this is win/win and I think the Big East would have to do it. The money would be the real issue… well, that, and the fact that Randy Edsall’s heart would literally break if his UConn team had the Fiesta Bowl taken from them. (Full disclosure: I would find some enjoyment in the BCS berth being taken from either Edsall, Dave Wannstedt, or Bill Stewart, as I think they’re all terrible coaches).

Vince McMahon would never let a four-loss team represent his conference in a BCS bowl.

I really like the idea of doing this whole thing Vince McMahon/WWE style. The Big East champs (for the sake of this scenario, I’m going with UConn) are in the center of the ring. Randy Edsall has a shit-eating grin on his face as he talks about his team getting its ass kicked by Temple, only to rally to win the Big East championship. Edsall goes on for ten minutes about how UConn was but a 1-AA team when he took the job, and he has always believed in recruiting good student athletes who have heart. Last year, when Jasper Howard was murdered, it taught Edsall and his team a lot about life… and they used that this year in rallying from behind. WHAT’S THAT? OH GOOD GOD! THAT’S TCU’S MUSIC!!!

I take this story way too far after the jump.

How could you do this to us? We're a charter member!

But it’s not TCU, it’s THE COMMISH (John Marinatto). Marinotto looks at Edsall and says, “Randy!! I’ll be damned if I would ever let a team that lost to Michigan. A team that lost to Temple. A team that lost to friggin’ Rutgers, to go to a BCS bowl with the Big East logo sewn on their jerseys.

“So I’ve decided that you are not going to the BCS this year. And since all of the other Big East teams have accepted their bowl invitations, you’re not even going to the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl. Now get out of my ring!”

Just then, TCU head coach Gary Patterson sneaks up from behind and hits Edsall with a chair. Patterson stomps on Edsall then throws him out of the ring. Patters grabs the microphone. “When Marinotto asked me to represent the Big East in the Fiesta Bowl as its champion, I asked John, ‘How can we be the Big East champions if we didn’t even play a Big East team this year?'” Marinotto said, “You went undefeated while playing teams like Tennessee Tech, Wyoming, and UNLV . . . trust me. . . you would have won the Big East.”

“So the Horned Frogs will go down in history as winning the 2010 Big East championship, before we played our first Big East game. And we are serving notice that TCU will kick your pitiful asses next year!”

Next, the locker room empties. Doug Marrone, Skip Holtz, and Charlie Strong lead the charge to the ring. Greg Schiano and Butch Jones follow just behind them, while Bill Stewart and Dave Wannstedt get lost on their way to the ring.

That's a tight shirt, but a traiterous t-shirt may be beneath it.

TCU’s athletic department then joins the fight and chases away the Big East coaches. Patterson along with TCU athletic director Del Conte, and other administrators raise their hands in victory. Just then, Patterson drop kicks Conte and clotheslines and administrator as the rest run for the dressing rooms. Patterson takes off his TCU t-shirt to reveal, OH GOOD GOD, that’s a Michigan shirt!

“You guys didn’t actually think I’d stay at TCU when I’m being offered Michigan money, did you?”

If you’re still reading, I sincerely apologize.

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One Response to An interesting hypothetical that will never happen (or will it)?

  1. GoWVU says:

    1) The 2010 Big East BCS rep is NOT yet guaranteed to be the worst-ever BCS participant. WVU could still finish as high as 9-3, which would exceed several other past BCS bowl participants.

    2) I expect the typical Big East-bashing, didn’t-do-any-research lazy sportswriter tropes from the mainstream mediots. I don’t expect the same from a Big East blog. Even though it always gets repeated as if it were a fact, it is a total falsehood to state that the 2004 Pitt team was the worst previous BCS participant.

    The Panthers were 8-3 heading into the Fiesta Bowl that year. Several other AQ conference champions also were 8-3 heading into their BCS bowls:

    1998 Syracuse 8-3
    1999 Stanford 8-3
    2000 Purdue 8-3

    However, the TWO worst prior records for a BCS bowl participant both came out of the ACC and were both posted by Florida St. The 2002 Seminoles were 9-4 heading into the Sugar Bowl and the 2005 Seminoles were just 8-4 heading into the Orange Bowl.

    Like Pitt, every one of these other 8-3/9-4/8-4 teams also lost their BCS bowls. It’s time to start reminding people that the two Florida St teams–and perhaps more specifically, the ACC–need to be held up as the poster children for questionable BCS teams of the past. Why doesn’t anybody drag them out of the closet or bag on the weak champions the Pac-10 and Big Ten once sent to the BCS instead of hammering yet again on the Big East as if we’re the only guilty part?

    If this changes in the next two weeks and we do send a worse team to the BCS this year, then the situation changes and the criticism will be merited. Until then, however, please do not contribute to propagating this canard.

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